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Medical research discovers ancient aboriginal remedy for arthritis - Emu Oil

Like many "modern" breakthroughs, the powers of Emu oil were discovered long ago by a primitive people. For hundreds of years, the Australian aborigines used Emu oil to eliminate the pain of inflamed joints. Modern scientists and doctors became curious when they realized that painful arthritis was largely absent in many Aboriginal tribes, while at the same time an estimated 10% of modern Australians and 15% of Americans are daily arthritis sufferers. As a result, comprehensive research has been completed over the last few years on the treatment of arthritis using Emu oil.

Experimentation with Emu oil increased in intensity once the potential in treating arthritis became known. Initial Australian government laboratory tests credited Emu oil with "creating a type of anti-inflammatory agent". As more encouraging reports continued, regional media became very interested and excited. Following the results of one study, the best-selling Australian newspaper even proclaimed in its headlines "Emu Oil Beats Arthritis". 

Dr. Peter Ghosh, director of the research lab at Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney, Australia, is the man primarily responsible for the change in Emu oil's status from folk cure to medical wonder. Engaged in arthritis research since the 1960's, Dr. Ghosh is considered one of Australia's pre-eminent authorities on arthritis. Often collaborating in conjunction with Dr. Michael Whitehouse, of the Department of Pathology, University of Adelaide in South Australia, these two scientists are known as the country's leading experts on the development and evaluation of up-to-date anti-arthritis treatments.

Drs. Ghosh and Whitehouse worked on the initial far-reaching study titled, "The Anti- Arthritic Activity of Emu Oil”, which demonstrated that Emu oil does eliminate inflammation and pain in many patients and that people can get real results from this "ancient" remedy. They also discovered that Emu oil, unlike many other products used to treat this disabling disease, does not have any known side effects.

"This is not witchcraft. These findings are supported by scientific evidence," announced Dr. Ghosh. "Emu oil offers the best relief ever for victims of this crippling disease."  

The Ghosh and Whitehouse report started things rolling and interest has been growing ever since it was published. Continuing laboratory experiments have consistently confirmed the therapeutic usefulness of Emu oil for arthritis sufferers, while thousands of testimonials have come in from grateful users.



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